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Zoella has revealed what her third Girl Online novel is going to be called

EDITORIAL USE ONLY YouTube vlogger Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg, at the launch of her new Tutti Fruity Zoella collection during a personal appearance at Superdrug in her hometown of Brighton, East Sussex.

Clue: Penny Porter appears to be very much single.

Beauty blogger Zoella has revealed the cover of her new book. It’s bright orange and is going to be called Girl Online: Going Solo.

And it looks like this:

Girl Online: Going Solo.

As the title suggests, Girl Online, aka Penny Porter, is well and truly single.

Apparently her ex-boyfriend – YouTuber and budding rockstar Noah Flynn has gone AWOL. After ending his world tour, it seems no one (Penny included) knows where he is.

So Penny decides it’s time to meet new friends and accepts an invitation from frenemy Megan to visit her performing arts school.

For those who are dying to find out more about her new book, Zoella’s publisher Penguin Random House UK is offering a sneak peak by printing the first three chapters of the book in the paperback version of her second book Girl Online: On Tour which hits shelves on July 14.

“I’m so happy that I can share this with you, I feel like there’s a lot of cool little hints on the cover and of course the title is a big hint as to the theme of the book and what is going to be happen with Penny and Noah and I’m so excited for you guys to find out!” Zoella said following the announcement.

The 26-year-old YouTube star and beauty blogger also announced that she now has her own Twitter emoji which will be available from July 8 with hashtags #Zoella, #GoingSolo and #GirlOnlineGoingSolo.

Girl Online: Going Solo by Zoe Sugg is set for release on 17 November 2016.