Zappone says Tymon Park Playground a big boost for local families

Tymon Park Playground, which officially opened yesterday to coincide with National Play Day, is important for health, wellbeing and happy children in the local community, according to Dublin South West TD and Independent Minister, Dr Katherine Zappone.

The playground, which has been open since the start of April, was co-funded between the Government, which provided €14,000, and South Dublin County Council.

The North end of the park has been without a playground for the last seven years after the old one was closed in 2010 due to issues with health and safety.

Speaking at yesterdays opening Minister Zappone said the modern design of the playground would ensure that local children can enjoy fun and adventure.

Minister Zappone added:

“In Tymon and all communities in Dublin with young families it is important that children have access to playgrounds which provide for their health and wellbeing.

“Providing play areas is an important part of the Government’s anti-obesity strategy ‘A Healthy Weight for Ireland’ which aims to reduce people’s average weight by 5%.

“As an Independent Minister, a campaigner and some-one who has worked with communities for decades I am keenly aware of the importance of providing activities for children.

“The benefits are huge not only in terms of health and wellbeing but also ensuring that they do not fall into trouble because of boredom.”

As well as the €14,000 provided for the Tymon Park playground, South Dublin County Council has also been provided €2,300 to fund its free events during National Recreation Week with Minister Zappone set to request more funding.

“In the forthcoming budget negotiations I will be seeking further increases for both our children and young people – and seek an increase in the €328,000 we will spend on play this year.

“It is my hope that Tymon Park Playground will bring enjoyment and fun to thousands of chidren in one of our most popular green areas.”