Home Tech YouTube is rolling out in-app messenger to make sharing videos easier

YouTube is rolling out in-app messenger to make sharing videos easier


There’s now a way to share cat videos to your friends and family without ever leaving YouTube.

YouTube has launched an in-app instant messaging feature so you can share your favourite videos without having to copy and paste the links to emails, other IMs or social media.

According to reports on Wired, YouTube is rolling out the new “native sharing” service to a select few users.

YouTube music.
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And these lucky few who have access to this messaging feature will be able to invite their friends to join the conversation by simply adding them to a chat thread housed within a new tab.

So yes, you can watch YouTube’s endless supply of hilarious cat videos and share them with your buddies without ever exiting YouTube.

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But the main question is: how does having an in-app messenger help this Google-owned service?

The answer probably lies in the assumption that YouTube is hoping the new feature will encourage people to share more videos. And that could mean good news for advertisers on the biggest video service on the web – which has more than a billion users and counting.

But it’s also a feature literally no one expected or asked for, so only time will tell whether YouTube will be able to match the success of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Snapchat.