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Your phone battery could soon last a whole week without a single charge


Imagine a world in which you could use your phone to your heart’s content without having to worry about the battery dying.

Well, we’re one step closer to getting a phone with a battery that lasts not one day, but one full WEEK, without running out of charge.

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That’s because Intelligent Energy, a British company who specialise in fuel cell technology, has turned its attention to mobile phones and is teaming up with an emerging smartphone manufacturer to make our dreams a reality.

Fuel cells run using hydrogen instead of regular lithium-ion batteries, and Intelligent Energy have created a miniature cell small enough to slip inside a smartphone and keep it powered for more than seven days without having to charge it.

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Julian Hughes, acting managing director for Intelligent Energy’s Consumer Electronics division, said: “We believe embedding fuel cell technology into portable devices provides a solution to the current dilemma of battery life and with consumers demanding more and more from their phones, battery innovation has not kept up.

“What we offer is a solution that is clean and efficient and means consumers could be truly mobile and free from the constraints of the grid.”