Xioami launches the new Ninebot C30, its cheapest electric bicycle

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Electric mobility is another one of those facets that technology has brought us in recent years and that is being revolutionized by the entry of all kinds of technology companies, which have nothing to do with the motor industry. And is that currently, it is no longer strange to see young people, and less young people, riding a scooter or an electric bike of those that have that wonderful assistance to pedalling.

And Xiaomi is not something else, but launching e-bikes have a few behind them through one of its brands, Ninebot, which right now has put on sale a model that further reduces its price input. So much so that we can consider it as the cheapest of all those that the Chinese have commercialized forever.

Discreet in benefits and very cheap

This Ninebot C30 is aimed at a very young audience and proof of this is its design, with some very angular shapes and, above all, a finish in colours as bright as fluorescent. It is one of those models that stand out several meters away from those greens and blues that do not go out even when the night comes. It has an EABS braking system and a very comfortable seat, as well as a structure at the back where we can carry folders and other objects.

Ninebot C30 from Xiaomi.

In addition, as you can see from the images, it is an electric bicycle with a very scooter design with IPX5 and iPX7 certification. Even so, their numbers are discreet, perhaps because we don’t need more to move around the city: just It weighs 55 kilos, it has a 400W motor with a torque of 40N that It is capable of reaching 25km / h. (so you don’t need a license to drive it) and it has a range of between 25 and 35 kilometres. To achieve this figure, it uses a lithium battery that weighs almost six kilos, specifically 5.8.

Ninebot C30 control screen.

It is striking the design of the handlebar where we can see a screen that indicates the speed at which we circulate, as well as the battery charge and the remaining kilometres before going through a charger. This LCD screen is not colour, but it has enough information to circulate safely. It will also be possible to connect the mobile to this bicycle through the RideyGo app! and save all the routes we do, with a GPS map and everything.

Remember that this Ninebot C30 is a trimmed version of the C40 that already came out some time ago, making it the cheapest in the entire range. Its current price, which is already available, is 3,599 yuan, that is, about 460 euros to change, while the top model stood at 3,999 yuan, about 510 euros.

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