Xiaomi, smartphone with single giant camera is coming?

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Xiaomi, smartphone with single giant camera is coming?

When it comes to offering innovative smartphones, Xiaomi isn’t kidding. At the end of 2019, the Chinese company presented the Mi Mix Alpha, a literally full-screen phone with an extremely innovative design. Now, however, apparently, it is the turn of a new model equipped with one 108MP single giant camera.

The patent filed by Xiaomi January 19, 2020, was published today, July 10, 2020, and immediately the online publications particularly interested in the various new projects threw themselves into its analysis. In this case, LetsGoDigital has taken steps to spread the images of the patent further.

The smartphone does not have a real name, but from the various captions it turns out to be a transparent phone on the back, 5G-ready and with a single 108MP camera named AI Super Camera. Apparently, however, there is also a more “classic” alternative where the transparent part is all black.

Still, the design would seem to be that of a smartphone also in this case with the “surround screen”, Only limited by the space occupied by the giant lens. There is only one physical button, the power button, two microphones, the speaker at the bottom and a USB-C port.

Finally, the last details are written in the patent document: we are talking about a certain “5G MODEM IVY 650” (which however does not exist), AI Super Camera and “108MP mega sensor”.

Being a patent it is very possible that this smartphone will never reach the market, perhaps it could become a “test” model for some future product. Xiaomi is officially recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

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