Xiaomi launches the Redmi sound bar for your Smart TV for only 26 euros

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Xiaomi It continues to burst the market with prices so low that they seem laughable. The company already had a sound bar for sale called Mijia Soundbar, for a price of about 60 euros in export shops. Now, it has released a bar very similar in benefits, but with a much lower price: the Redmi TV Sound Bar.

The sound bar even offers a somewhat higher power than the previous Xiaomi sound bar, since the new one has 30 W compared to 28 W of the previous one. Of course, the impedance is somewhat lower, falling to 4 ohms compared to 6 of Xiaomi. The frequency response ranges from 80 Hz to 20,000 HzThis is usually normal for these bars, which do not include a subwoofer for the lower frequencies. Xiaomi’s previous bar, however, had a frequency response of 50 Hz to 25,000 Hz.

Xiaomi Redmi TV Sound Bar: without HDMI and without controller

It also has more modern connectivity, since we have S / PDIF coaxial, AUX (3.5mm jack) and Bluetooth 5.0, where the previous model only has Bluetooth 4.2. Unfortunately, both models share the absence of HDMI ports, so we cannot enjoy the advantages offered by the ARC connector. Curiously, the bar does not have a remote control, although it does include an S / PDIF cable and the necessary materials to mount it on the wall.

On a physical level, the soundbar is covered with a rigid mesh on the front. The connectors are on the back, and the bar also allows it to be placed on the wall or on a table in front of the TV if we wish. The bar is only available in black color, which is a better color for a bar compared to the white of the previous model that was out of tune in front of the televisions, which are mostly black.

The dimensions of the bar are 780 x 64 x 63 mm, with a weight of 1.5 kg. Internally it has two full-range speakers with a size of 45 x 80 mm each. On the right side of the bar we have its controls, where we can increase or decrease the volume. The upper button, if we keep it pressed, turns the bar on or off, while with a short press we stop or continue playing. If we hold down the volume down button, we mute the bar. Finally, the one at the bottom allows us to change the audio source or activate Bluetooth pairing to connect any device we want.

It costs only 26 euros and is already on sale in China

Its price is 199 yuan, about 26 euros to change; a surprisingly low price for such a complete soundbar, and one that is sure to be a best seller. It is already on sale in China, and should soon appear in export stores. Of course, the shipping costs for these products are usually high due to their large volume, and there are even some stores that do not ship to Spain due to the high cost of shipping.


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