Xiaomi launches Amazfit Ares, new security camera, Qi charger and Smart TV

Xiaomi launches Amazfit Ares, new security camera, Qi charger and Smart TV
Xiaomi Launches Amazfit Ares, New Security Camera, Qi Charger And

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Great launch day today for Xiaomi. If yesterday they launched a smart tower fan, today they have added four more technological products (in addition to a fanny pack). Among the new products, we find the Amazfit Ares, an ideal smartwatch for sports. Along with him, they have also presented a Smart tv, a security camera, and a wireless charger.

Amazfit Ares

The first product is Amazfit Ares. This new smartwatch has a very resistant design made of silicone and polycarbonate, clearly designed for sports. Its weight is 48 grams, and it has resistance to 50 meters deep.

The battery is 200 mAh and lasts 14 days with normal use, including heart rate monitor, sleep, 150 notifications a day, looking at it 30 times, and playing sports 3 times a week using GPS for 30 minutes each time. The battery goes up to 90 days in basic mode with Bluetooth, cardiac monitoring and GPS turned off. If we use the GPS continuously, the battery lasts 23 hours. Charging time is 2 hours.

The screen is 1.28 inches and has Gorilla Glass 3. At an intelligent level, it has the Amazfit BioTracker PPG sensor to monitor our activity, in addition to the Pai and FirstBeat system. It’s compatible with 70 sport modes, including running, cycling, swimming, mountaineering, hunting, surfing, dancing, wrestling, ball, skiing, archery, horse riding, etc.

Its price is only 499 yuan, about 64 euros to change.

10W Wireless Car Charger

Another gadget released today is the Qi universal wireless charger with fast charge for the car. This charger is designed to be hung on a ventilation grille of the car, and offers up to 10 W of charge if we have a compatible mobile phone, at the same time that it supports us for the GPS. In the case of not being able or not wanting to put it on a grid, it also comes with a base with glue to put it where we want.

The connector it uses is USB C, so we can use the same cable as our mobile. Its price is 129 yuan, about 17 euros to change, and it is already for sale in China.

PTZ SE Security Camera

The third product featured is a new security camera with horizontal rotation and resolution Full HD. Xiaomi’s motorized cameras are a best seller thanks to their wide viewing angle. This new model offers all the smart features of the previous ones, being able to use the mobile app to record and take photos with its Full HD resolution.

This model is now as a “base”, compared to the two camera models with 1296p resolution that the company has been selling for a few months. It does not have Bluetooth as the top-of-the-range model, so we cannot use it from Gateway. It has AI to detect false positives. It allows you to store video in the cloud, on the microSD card (up to 32 GB) and even on a NAS.

Its price is 149 yuan, about 20 euros to change, and is already on sale in China.

Smart TV E43K

Finally, Xiaomi today launched a new television: the My 43-inch E43K Full-Screen TV. This model is oriented to the input range, with a panel Full HD, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. It has two USB and two HDMI ports, and very thin frames, hence the name “full screen”. Its price is only 1,099 yuan, about 148 euros to change. It will be on sale from tomorrow May 20.

xiaomi e43k