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Women’s Refuge Re-Opens in Tallaght


In December 2015 Cuan Álainn was forced to close its doors to the public after a lack of funding.

Now it has been announced that the refuge for women and children fleeing domestic violence is to re-open.

Cuan Álainn was built and operated by the Respond housing agency since it opened back 2012. The closer back in 2015 saw 71 women and 86 children looking for somewhere else to go.

Respond says it had been left to bank-roll the entire operation with no help from the state, and had run out of money. 

Cuan Álainn has been recategorised as a homeless shelter, which means it qualifies for help from the Department of the Environment and South Dublin County Council.

However it still specialises in dealing with vulnerable women and their children, who are escaping from violent homes.

A quote from CEO Ned Brennan on the 98fm website stated that

“Cuan Álainn is a state-of-the-art facility specially designed for women and their children. We are delighted that doors will soon be re-opened to welcome women and children who are homeless and in need of support in order to move back into housing with support as required. At the end of March 2016, South Dublin County Council received 296 requests for emergency accommodation, including 103 families. We are pleased that Respond!’s facility can go some way to addressing the immediate needs of these families”.