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Women given their rightful role in RTÉ – Rebellion


The RTÉ new five part drama Rebellion hit Irish screens last night. Rebellion focuses on the events which led up to the Rising in Dublin in Easter 1916.

The appearance of almost the entire Love/Hate cast were part of this production and I must say I was impressed by all their performances. Some of the main cast include Sarah Greene, Ruth Bradley, Sophie Robinson and Brian Gleeson.

Charlie Murphy takes on the role of Elizabeth Butler, a middle class woman who becomes heavily involved in the rebel cause. Women are at the forefront of this new drama and for many it will be surprising for them to finally learn of the role they played in the events leading up to the Rising.

The first episode somewhat gives the impression that Dublin is in an ok state of affairs after years of war, that is until you see outside of the City and take in the poverty.

We are introduced to Irish men and women which seem happy to go about their day to day business with the British in control. In fact what will surprise many is that its the families who seem to have it all that’s children look set to rebel.

We see this with Elizabeth Butler who comes from quite a well-off background, her father is a banker, from her clothes to the home she has lived in it is clear she is very privileged. She attends the Collage of Surgeons and from time to time can be seen on stage at the theatre.

This first episode was an introduction to some of the leading characters of the Rising, in next weeks episode we are treated to a small teaser and it would seem the rebellion has begun.

If you missed the first instalment of Rebellion, then you can catch it on the RTÉ Player.


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