WindTre, customer support arrives on Whatsapp: here’s how to use it

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WindTre, customer support arrives on Whatsapp: here's how to use it

WindTre assistance also arrives on Whatsapp, in order to make its services more easily accessible to users who need help. The telephone operator, born from the merger between Wind and Tre, has launched a telephone number that can be used to write to customer care via Whatsapp.

Enough is enough to save the number 388 0000159 in the phone book, and then start a conversation such as those held with friends and acquaintances. The system is really very interesting and has also been used by other operators.

WindTre is already taking steps to send the informative SMS to all its customers, where there is a link that allows you to start the chat directly. To put this system in the hands of users, the telco has relied on Whatsapp Business, the platform for companies in the Mark Zuckerberg service.

This is undoubtedly good news, after a few days ago WindTre announced the first remodelling that will lead to a series of price increases for users starting from next July 13th. Recall that recently the WindTre network was promoted with flying colours by OpenSignal, which praised the download and upload performances recorded by the infrastructure of the telephone company.

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