Windows 10: beautiful free 4K themes released by Microsoft, June 2020

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Windows 10: beautiful free 4K themes released by Microsoft, June 2020

It has been a while since we talked about these free Windows 10 themes pages, as Microsoft has been waiting this month, releasing 4K image sets, downloadable for free, a little later than usual (in reality there is no regular cadence, but we often found the themes at the beginning of the month).

In fact, the Redmond company has published the sets of images called on the Microsoft Store “Night Skies” and “Treehouses PREMIUM” on June 17, 2020. The description of the first reads: “The stars, the moon, the northern lights, the Milky Way. Explore the light in the dark in these 20 premium 4K images“.” Treehouses PREMIUM “has a self-explanatory name: these are photos of tree houses. The images are also in this case 20, always in 4K resolution, and portray various designs and places.

We briefly remind you how to install themes on Windows 10.

  1. Connect from your computer via browser to the Night Skies or TreeHouses PREMIUM page;
  2. Click on the button Get and select the item Open the Microsoft Store;
  3. Click the button again Get and wait for it to complete download (generally it is a few MB);
  4. Finally, first press on the item applies and then on the box of Night Skies you hate TreeHouses Premium.

Great, now your desktop will enjoy a new “lifeblood” thanks to the image sets released by Microsoft.

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