Why do cats usually sleep in the highest places in the house?

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Why do cats usually sleep in the highest places in the house?

Who has a domestic cat knows it very well: love heights. It is not uncommon to see them sleeping over the highest places in our home and some may wonder why they chose to have a place to rest. Why do they do it? Here are five reasons.

Curious non-animal cats. For this reason, if their environment is not stimulating enough for them, they will look elsewhere. When the cat climbs to a high place, his curiosity can be satiated – thanks to the exploration of a place not yet fully observed. In addition, while in an elevated position, these creatures can also have a better view of their environment and watch what is happening in their world.

Sometimes our feline friends choose these heights simply because they are afraid and, in these inaccessible places, they will hardly be disturbed. An example can be when someone brings a dog they don’t know into the house. If a cat feels frightened, climbing to an elevated place allows them to feel in a safe place, but it also allows them to monitor their territory in search of a potential threat.

Who has a cat also knows this: they sleep a lot. The choice of these places, in fact, is also suitable so as not to be disturbed by household noises. Another reason is brought about by the change in temperature. In the summer, it is not uncommon to see them sleeping on the floor, as they cool off more; in winter, however, the highest points of the house can be warmer due to the increase in heat (or simply more suitable for them during the colder periods).

Even the cat, as well as humans, is stressed. For this reason it is not uncommon to see them looking for a refuge in a hiding place far away from their masters, and taller perches are often suitable places to get away from whatever is stressing them. This is their way of dealing with anxiety and stress … definitely better than ours.

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