Who is the weirdly mesmerising Kazoo Kid all over the internet right now?


Over the last month or so, you might have seen a lot of a certain blonde kid with a bowl haircut all over your social media feeds.

That’s not just any blonde kid with a bowl haircut. That’s the Kazoo Kid. If you haven’t already seen his now-viral video, You On Cazoo, check it out right now.

The clip comes from an old school kids’ show and was uploaded to the YouTube channel Dead VCR, but very little was known about the video or its starring character, the Kazoo Kid, until very recently.

We now know that the segment comes from a 1989 show called Special Friends and stars former child actor Brett Ambler.

As you can imagine, there have been innumerable remixes, parodies and responses to Brett and his kazoo.

Here’s the kind of catchy trap remix:

The terrifying metal version:

The Uptown Funk edit:

We really could go on. There are thousands of remixes of Brett and his kazoo all over the internet right now.

It turns out Brett isn’t actually an acid tripping cyborg kid from the future, he’s actually a pretty nice guy, as we found out on his Reddit Ask Me Anything. He’s an actor and musician living in Colarado, if you were wondering.

Oh, and he still loves the kazoo.