Which animal do you see in this image of a simple nebula?

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Which animal do you see in this image of a simple nebula?

This is an image of the Carina Nebula, in which only dust, ionized gases and stars can be observed. However, many see us in the form of some animal. Nothing serious, it is only the pareidolia, the tendency of human beings to interpret random stimuli as familiar objects.

This is also why people sometimes perceive a smile in a passing cloud or a meaningless image. The Carena Nebula is a celestial object placed in the heart of the Milky Way, right in the constellation of the Carena, and it has dimensions that reach 260 light-years (nothing to do with the South Pole Wall).

The image, in fact, has no shape and represents a disordered mass of dust and gas. However, the pareidolia because of two parts of the brain: the fusiform facial area, a region of the brain’s visual system that activates specifically in response to a face; at the same time the lower frontal convolution is activated, which indicates to the visual system the strangeness and tries to recognize the object.

Researchers have not yet figured out the mechanisms that transform random tangles into human, animal or things profiles. Obviously, not everyone has the same “degree of pareidolia”. In fact, some people may not see them at all. Having said that, let’s play a little game: which animal do you see in the image attached to this news? Write it below in the comments!

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