WhatsApp recovers an option that had been modified during the crisis

WhatsApp recovers an option that had been modified during the crisis
Whatsapp Recovers An Option That Had Been Modified During The

WhatsApp recovers an option that had been modified during the crisis

This coronavirus crisis has brought us quite a few changes. The most important, seclusion that, for some, already exceeds 60 days, what has changed the habits of our day to day. And that, in turn, has caused internet infrastructures to tremble due to the massive use that hundreds of millions of citizens have made of them throughout Europe and the world.

So, as you all know, most streaming platforms have had to reduce the bandwidth of their broadcasts, as well as other services have been affected to prevent infrastructures from collapsing. AND WhatsApp has been one of them since it chose, at the end of March, to cut the size of the videos that we could send to our states.

States return to their being

Those videos whose duration was limited are the ones that we send to define our status within the application. If you do not use it regularly the same you do not know what we mean since it is the equivalent of the famous Instagram stories. Brief content of photos or videos that describe where we are, how we are, etc.

The point is that WhatsApp has returned the duration limit to the videos that we publish in our state, removing the 15-second limitation that had been imposed during the coronavirus to leave it again in the 30 of a lifetime. Half a minute that is temporarily stored in our profile for the other contacts that we have in the agenda of our smartphone to see it.

Although the restriction was initially carried out in countries such as India, it was not clear if other territories were also joining as their infrastructures were increasingly compromised by the confinement and intensive use of WhatsApp by the billions of users. Anyway, if you want to verify that this limit no longer exists, simply upload a state and test it. See if it leaves you 30 seconds or cuts you off before you hit that cap. These changes will come gradually.

Even so, some media are talking about WhatsApp could release a new version of the app, both in iOS and Android, with this limitation already removed, although it is normal to think that this change will be more internal to the platform than to the installation itself. Be that as it may, be attentive because the same thing right now you have no trouble re-uploading those fun half-minute states that your followers liked so much.