WhatsApp: Know the trick to make the app look like Instagram

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The best of both applications, WhatsApp and Instagram, you can get in one. Follow this step by step and find out for yourself.

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Instagram and WhatsApp are two of the most successful applications in recent years. And now, as they both belong to Facebook, there is a possibility that they share similarities, tools and functions. Or, that the design of one is identical to that of the other app.

WhatsApp it is without a doubt the most used instant messaging application in the world, which has gradually renewed its functions to be the competition of apps such as Messenger and Telegram; adding dark mode, video calls of up to 50 people or animated stickers.

While Instagram It is the app dedicated to photos and videos number one, whose greatest strength has been the Instagram stories. Here you can follow all those you admire and see their art, life and what they do day by day. In addition, the design of the app has been so well received that it is now possible to duplicate it exactly in WhatsApp.

The good news is that you can enjoy both social networks unlimitedly thanks to your Telcel plan and the best connectivity of #LaRedDeTusEmociones. And if you want the best of both in one, here we share the step by step of how to get the interface of Instagram for WhatsApp.

How to make WhatsApp look like Instagram?

  • Make a backup copy of all your WhatsApp messages and files
  • Uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone
  • Enter the next link and download the app to your phone
  • Reinstall WhatsApp to your phone, restoring the backup. And ready

External developers were the ones who managed to merge Instagram and WhatsApp. For that reason, you should know that your app may not work perfectly, because it is still in test mode and is not the official launch. However, it is believed that at some point Facebook agrees to mix the functions of your apps and give your users a better experience.

Many users have tried this option without any problem. And tell us, are you going to try?

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