WhatsApp fumes in the confinement

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WhatsApp fumes in the confinement

WhatsApp fumes in the confinement

It is the leading consumer application for the duration of the quarantine; its traffic grew by 698% between March 13 and 15

The leisure habits of the Spanish have had to change in a forced way in recent weeks due to the coronavirus. After-school activities or weekend getaways outdoors are being replaced by home plans in this time of confinement and the consumption of video games has tripled in this period. WhatsApp is the messaging application that is growing the most in use during the new coronavirus pandemic, with an increase of 76% in Spain, compared to 40% of generalized growth.

Applications and messaging services allow you to maintain remote contact with family and friends, so the time spent on them has increased during the crisis caused by the new coronavirus globally. In the specific case of Spain, the Kantar data indicates an increase in the time spent on WhatsApp of 76%, above the 40% growth registered in general terms, and the 50% reported by Facebook a few days ago.

This greater use is mainly located in the age range between 18 and 34 years. Kantar points out that the growth of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram has been more than 40% among those under 35 years of age. In addition to this type of applications, during the pandemic there has been an increase in the use of web browsers (70%), traditional television (63%) and social networks (61%).

According to Telefónica data, between March 13 and 15 gaming traffic increased 271% compared to the previous week. It must be remembered that, for example, the schools in the Community of Madrid closed on Wednesday the 13th and coincided with the spectacular increase.

The Telefónica network managed to manage up to 700 Gbs more than usual, with Saturday the 14th being the busiest. The gaming sources that have grown the most are Playstation and Xbox, in addition to downloading games on mobiles and other devices.

Another critical data provided by Telefónica is the consumption of WhatsApp, the application with the highest growth in the week of March 9 to 15. WhatsApp traffic grew 698%, which means managing 381 Gbs more than usual. Saturday the 14th was also the peak of the week in the messaging app.

Telework tools

The increased use of teleworking has also had an essential reflection on the Telefónica network, as shown by the traffic generated by remote work tools such as Skype and Webex, which has multiplied by four. The use of these tools shot up on March 13, the date on which thousands of Spaniards joined teleworking.

The data from Telefónica, taking as a reference on Tuesday, March 17, indicates that mobile voice consumption increased 40% at the peak time of 12 in the morning. At that same time, many recovered the landline, whose consumption increased that same day and at that same time by 45%.

Regarding data consumption, mobile data on the 17th at 11 pm had increased by 41% compared to any other day, while fixed data consumption increased on March 20 at 10 pm by 40%, caused by the use of OTT and streaming platforms. For example, on Saturday the 14th, more than 8.8 million viewers accessed Movistar +, 11 per cent more than the previous Saturday, and consumption rose almost 50%.

From Monday 9 to Sunday 15, an increase in total traffic on the Movistar IP network of 3 Tbps (Terabyte per second) was confirmed, 26 per cent above the usual traffic during the year, which means about 1,500 hours of HD movies per second.

Despite this volume of data and user consumption, Telefónica assures that the networks are “perfectly prepared to support current traffic.” However, they include some tips for the efficient use of systems such as avoiding sending mass emails, sending links instead of large files, downloading heavy things in off-peak hours and using the landline for calls and making audio conferences better than video conferences.

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