WhatsApp already shows in your chats how the animated ‘stickers’ will look

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One of the elements that best express our moods are emoticons, so the stickers do not stop being an evolution of that idea but giving more size, definition and movement to his drawings. And we have a good test of how fun they are if you regularly use Telegram or any of the social networks that have offered them for a long time.

The case is that WhatsApp already has stickers for some time, linked to the emojis (or Apple’s animojis) that we have on the keyboard, but the jump to appear in motion had not been taken, until now, which are already available in the beta versions of iOS and Android. An unmistakable sign that they could land in the App Store and Play Store releases soon.

Save, store and share stickers

These stickers are content that is spreading rapidly through all kinds of apps and social networks and are very viral. So much There are packs that we can download in the terminal to install them and, in some cases, share them with others in case they also want to use them. And WhatsApp, at this point, is going to be very respectful with the customs of the community.

That is why, as reported by WABetAInfo, we can save the stickers that the contacts send us through the chats, as they have discovered in versions of Android and of iOS. But in addition, there will be an express function to import all that we download from a package published by a third party. For example, a company that wants to promote a product or a crafty friend.

Animated ‘Stickers’ on WhatsApp. WABetaInfo

All those stickers will be stored in the same drawer where the emojis are And, with the success of WhatsApp and its more than 2,000 million users, we can expect an avalanche of creators trying to virtualize some of their stickers. To download them, we will only have to go to what in the information they define as the “WhatsApp store” where all the work of that community will be in view.

Yes, Although the idea is quite clear and can be tested in the beta with many stickers with movement already available, There are others that at the moment do not reproduce their animation, so we will have to wait for the WhatsApp betas on Android and iOS to be perfected a little. For now, stay with this first snack that shows that, although at a slow pace, those on Facebook are grooming their app to incorporate some of the most requested content on the internet.

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