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We’re not sure this Hitman advert will make people want to buy the game


Agent 47, the Hitman game franchise’s protagonist, is a silent killer. He’s a clone who only knows killing, and was created to be the perfect assassin – although that didn’t exactly work out.

He also has a thing about hiding bodies in bathrooms.

Square Enix, the publishers behind the game, clearly thought this was something they could play on in the build up to the release of the new game. So what was the only logical thing they could do? Well, how about leaving fake blood on the floor of a women’s toilet?

That’s really real.

According to Grace Blaise, the person who walked into a toilet – presumably somewhere in London – to find pools of dried blood advertising a game, the same has also been done in the men’s.

Grace even returned to the scene of the crime the next day. Something Agent 47 would never do, by the way.

We suppose the advert has had the desired effect though. Grace’s joke has been retweeted almost 2,000 times at the time of writing, so there will be quite a few people aware there’s a new game coming out that otherwise might not have been.

If the game is anywhere near as good as the early versions, we’ll forgive this strange advertising campaign in a second.

Hitman is released on March 11.