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We’ll all miss astronaut Scott Kelly’s amazing pictures when he returns after a year in space


American astronaut Scott Kelly’s year in space will come to an end when he returns to Earth in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

No other American has spent longer in space continuously than Kelly, whose 340-day stay on the International Space Station is helping provide vital data on the long-term effects of living in space as part of Nasa’s ongoing quest to send people to Mars.

For his near two million Twitter and Instagram followers it has also provided some pretty amazing pictures of Earth too!

Kelly’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have been a must-follow this past year with his #YearInSpace, #ColoursofEarth and #EarthArt hashtags.

The 52-year-old is, however, unsurprisingly looking forward to returning home and seeing his friends and family.

But he knows he will miss the awe-inspiring views.

World events have been followed from 250 miles above.

Kelly has even got in the spirit of #ThrowbackThursday.

He has marked important dates on the calendar, most recently Valentine’s Day after growing flowers onboard the ISS.

And some not so important dates, like National Burger Day…

The pictures have provided an insight into what it is like to live in space for so long…

… And some of his breath-taking tasks.

There has also been time to kill.

Kelly has shared his year-long space odyssey with Russian Mikhail Kornienko.

The pair will undergo tests when they return to Earth – including doing an obstacle course – as scientists look to evaluate the effects of spending so long in space.

We look forward to seeing some of Scott’s pics from terra forma.