‘We have a digital, participatory approach’ – Conradh na Gaeilge

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Nuacht.ie asked the leading Irish language organizations a series of questions to see how the crown virus crisis is affecting their work. For now we are Conradh na Gaeilge’s Manager Pádraig Ó Tiarnaigh …'We have a digital, participatory approach' - Conradh na Gaeilge

1] What new arrangements have you put in place for the coronavirus?

The team works from home and we have team meetings, communications, and managers every day. A digital, participatory approach. In the shadow of each other…

2] What are your biggest challenges?

Amend work targets to make them possible in the current crisis.

3] What events, proposals or plans have you cancelled due to coronavirus?

SEAS2020 post-election and roadshow with summer colleges were cancelled.

4] What events, proposals or plans are in doubt due to the coronavirus.

Meetings with Ministers in the north agreed before this crisis. New dates to be agreed and agreed with Ministers’ secretaries.

5] Overall, what impact has the crisis had on the work of the organization and how will it affect the work of the organization?

Like everywhere in the country, this had a broad impact on the organisation’s approach and plans.

But the work continues and, like most others, there are ongoing efforts to achieve goals and create new projects that meet current needs. It is likely, every day and every week, that we are still trying to find new ways of carrying out our original work, and as work materials come back in the Dáil and the Assembly we will have opportunities to address the main issues in Irish and to raise and push the Gaeltacht.

Work continues on the promotion of the Irish language in the negotiations on the establishment of a southern Government, and on the introduction of the new legislation in the north.

6] Can you guess what percentage of the work of the arc organization affected by the crisis?

Hard to answer, it affected many things on different levels, but like everyone else, we can tackle that gradually.

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