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We as Irish should have more compassion than most regarding Refugee crisis


Yesterday I read a piece in the Journal about five people that were found inside a shipping container in Wexford on Sunday night.

The people inside were four adults and one three year old child. They had travelled inside an unaccompanied container which came from Cherbourg to Rosslare on the Irish Ferries Oscar Wilde ship. Gardaí were contacted after the container was picked up by a haulage firm and brought to New Ross.

A Garda statement said:

“Gardaí at New Ross are investigating the discovery of three males, one female and a minor which occurred at a transport company in Marshmeadows, New Ross, Co Wexford on Sunday at approximately 6pm. All persons are now under the control of the Refugee Applications Commissioner”

According to the piece in the Journal the nationality of those found are believed to be Kurdish. They have told Gardaí they were fleeing persecution and will be seeking asylum. All five thankfully are believed to be in good health and have been brought to Dublin where they are being dealt with under immigration legislation.

A terribly sad situation of desperation, people fleeing their country which has been torn apart by war, not to mention the travel they have undertake to escape it all. Unfortunately though what I found more upsetting was many of the comments under the piece. Yes these people had travelled originally from France but before that atrocious trip from their original home they then found their way to Ireland.

As we all know the Irish throughout the years have travelled the world. We have built Cities and just about left our mark everywhere we have visited or set roots. The likes of America? Take for example New York, Boston and Chicago where just about every pub on every corner is an Irish one. The Irish tri colour drapes over many a doorway.

Then you have the UK where just about everyone will know someone who has an Irish granny or grandad. What about Scotland where we have one of the most successful clubs, which has our flag flying proudly from the stadium? Everyone knows the history of Celtic and the story behind their founding. It’s part of how the club is so well known the world round.

The Irish have just about reached every corner of the world, and as great as many of the stories have been lets not forget they haven’t always been welcomed with open arms. Many left Ireland to seek better lives for themselves and their families particularly during the time of the famine where our population dropped massively.

The slogan “No blacks no dogs no Irish” is one example of this not to mention the fact there were certain places where your surname was enough for you to be refused an interview for a job or even your religion. We have suffered, but in many instances were given the chance to make a better life for ourselves.

It’s for this very reason I find comments like “send them back to where they came from” disgusting when I hear them from anyone in particular the Irish. We more than anyone should understand if not have compassion for those trying to escape a country where they have nothing.

We have been known as one of it not the most charitable country in the EU, something we should all be very proud of. That is why I find it hard to read the comments under a piece like this.

Return to sender, fine the shipping company – John Byrne

Stick a stamp in them and send em’ home! – Alan O’ Rourke

There were many comments that welcomed the people and hoped they were being looked after and others who understood the risks involved leaving their country to get to safety which was nice to see but the rest were an eye opener to me.

The UK have seen a large increase in racially motivated attacks since the Brexit vote. I certainly don’t want this country to go the same way. We have been known as a welcoming nation. I for one love meeting people from different countries, how boring would it be if we were all the same?

With our history of emigration you would feel there would be something in our blood that would allow us to understand the plight of these people. They are escaping a war? They have nothing. To travel across the world in a container or a boat with little air and virtually no food isn’t something someone does so they can get some “benefits” which seems to be in impression of many.

Imagine being so afraid you take the risk to travel across the world – also with a child? I don’t have children but I’m pretty sure any parent wouldn’t risk the life of their child to avail of a social welfare payment?

All those years the Irish travelled across the sea in “coffin ships” were they simply looking for a social welfare payment? Even saying that sounds nonsense, no they were looking for a safe place to live.

The media in the UK have fuelled much of this hate and the vote to leave has now given racists what they feel is a pedestal to dictate to the world who they want in and who they want out, which is rather hilarious when you consider the countries they have entered over the years.

More and more videos are surfacing each day of racist attacks on transport, people have to unite and stand up against these people who feel it is their right to determine who is “illegal” – nobody is illegal.

I hope the people who arrived here to my country on Sunday are being looked after and I certainly hope they find a welcoming home here in Ireland. Hopefully the rest of the country remembers just what it was like for our ancestors many years ago.