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Watch Maisie Williams prank Game Of Thrones fans into re-enacting scenes with her


Maisie Williams pulled a brilliant prank on confused Game Of Thrones fans as she tried to swindle them into believing she was a shop-worker called Lorraine who was giving away goodies from the show.

With a shop rigged-up with hidden cameras, they let Arya Stark loose, forcing fans to re-enact their favourite scenes for prizes.

Here’s what happened:

Shout-out to the middle-aged woman and her dragon impression.

Let’s be honest, no one was convinced by Maisie’s protests of, “Um, no, that’s not me, that’s a boy,” or that she’d never seen the show but it did give us some brilliant moments.

Fans picked their favourite scenes, which meant we got to see Maisie and a lady hilariously re-enact Cersei Lannister’s naked “Shame” scene, complete with Maisie shouting, “Everyone throw s***, uh, stuff at her!”

She also managed to persuade one man to put his twist on (*spoilers*) Arya killing The Hound and another to do Joffrey Baratheon being poisoned.

Maisie Williams
Maisie plays brother Bran in the brilliant prank scene (YouTube/Nylon)

Maybe the best though was Bran Stark’s shove out the window at the hands of Jamie Lannister while having incest with his sister.

“Push the little f***** kid out the window,” one riled up fan screamed as Maisie pretended to fall.

“It seems like a weird show to me,” said a tongue-in-cheek Maisie. “It’s got baguettes in it, incest, dragons. And everyone dies.”

For more incest and dragons, the sixth series returns on April 24 to Sky Atlantic.