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Was there a cover up in the 1977 disappearance of a little Donegal girl?


Investigative journalist Gemma O Doherty has uncovered more shocking revelations in the case of Mary Boyle, Ireland’s longest missing child case.

Mary was just six years old when she disappeared on her grandparents’ isolated farm near Ballyshannon in Co Donegal on March 18, 1977.

Last night Gemma broadcast her excellent documentary “Mary Boyle – The Untold Story” on YouTube which shines light on additional information that challenges claims that Mary was abducted, and raises some extremely disturbing questions that need answering.

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The documentary alleges that the chief suspect in the case has never faced justice due to political interference and Garda collusion.

It also alleges that this political interference continues to this day as well as the shocking claim that a child killer is still at large in County Donegal.

Why are the Garda still refusing to arrest this suspect for questioning and why does the entire political establishment seem to be against investigating the truth?

Gemma O Doherty (on right) with Mary's sister Ann (middle) and Margo O Donnell outside Dail
Gemma O Doherty (on right) with Mary’s sister Ann (middle) and Margo O Donnell outside Dail

The film alleges that Fianna Fail have made legal threats, Enda Kenny refuses to do anything even though he met with Ann Doherty, Mary’s identical twin sister.

Ann also alleges that the Gardai in Donegal have visited her home and intimidated her in recent years.

One has to ask, why?

Aside from the documentary, RTE’s credibility also needs to be seriously looked at.

Firstly, Gemma says the state broadcaster are charging her almost €13,000 for using 3.5 minutes of archive footage, and secondly, why are they not broadcasting it themselves?

Surely this story is in the public interest?

Hopefully this documentary will finally bring the truth out in to the light regarding the disappearance of little Mary Boyle.