Victoria Beckham indulges in some Pokemon fun as she shares her own ‘Fashemon’


The former Spice Girl has transformed herself into a very rare Pokemon, naturally.

Victoria Beckham is nothing if not a leading trend-setting superstar.

And the fashion designer has revealed her ability to turn a popular culture phenomenon into something uniquely Brand Beckham by sharing her own series of Pokemon, called Fashemon.

Taking inspiration from the global smash hit app game Pokemon Go – which has recently turned children, pensioners and everyone in-between into phone-wielding Pokemon hunters – the former Spice Girl revealed her very own high-fashion versions of the Japanese pocket monsters.

In the Twitter picture, Victoria herself appears as a graceful feline creature called Victoria Mewkham, based on rare Pokemon Mew.

American Vogue’s formidable editor Anna Wintour has been transformed into Charwintour, a slightly less scary version of herself combined with popular Pokemon Charmander but rocking the reptilian creature’s iconic fiery tail.

Victoria Beckham and Karl Lagerfeld
Victoria Beckham has turned Chanel boss Karl Lagerfeld into a cute Fashemon (Gero Breloer / AP/PA Images)

Karl Lagertales sees Pokemon Ninetails getting the Karl Lagerfeld treatement – the sassy grey-haired animal wearing the Chanel boss’ trademark slick black suit.

The fourth Fashemon is Suzypuff, a cute iteration of international Vogue editor Suzy Menkes and a jigglypuff Pokemon.

Sharing the fun post on her Instagram and Twitter pages, she simply wrote: “Gotta catch ‘em all! x vb.”

Vogue's Anna Wintour (left) and Suzy Menkes (right)
Vogue’s Anna Wintour (left) and Suzy Menkes (right) have also been transformed into Fashemon by Victoria Beckham (Zacharie Scheurer / AP/PA Images)

Having spent many years exuding a rather stoic personality, it’s great to see this fun, silly yet still stylish side of VB.

We can’t wait to see a David Beckham ‘David Beckachu’ Pokemon.