Vandals put Tallaght Fire engine out of action last night


The incident happened in Neilstown, Clondalkin while the Dublin Fire Brigade Crew were responding to an emergency call.

As they went about dealing with a small fire in a green area a number of youths threw stones at the vehicle smashing the window on the passenger side.

Due to the damage to the vehicle it was unable to respond to emergencies for three hours following the incident.

No crew members were hurt.

A spokesperson from Dublin Fire Brigade told InTallaght this behaviour is completely unacceptable and puts peoples lives at risk. She said:

“One of our Tallaght appliances was unable to respond to emergencies last night for there hours after the stone throwing incident and we want to remind everyone that we are here to help the whole community.

“The Gardai will be investigating, thankfully no member of our crew was injured.

“We would advise people to respect all emergency service personnel.”