USA, the Navy tries the new laser cannon: the video is awesome!

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USA, the Navy tries the new laser cannon: the video is awesome!

There United States Navy released a video showing the test of a new laser beam weapon carried out on May 16 in the Pacific Ocean. The movie, also published by Repubblica, shows a powerful beam of bright light fired from a ship.

After a few seconds, an aircraft was seen, which was used to test the power of the new burning laser cannon. According to reports from many, it could be a drone.

For reasons of confidentiality, of course the Navy did not disclose any information on the power of the cannon, but researchers from the International Institute for Strategic Studies in a report published in 2018 referred to 150 Kilowatts.

USS Portland captain Karrey Sanders is satisfied, the ship used for the test, according to which “with this new advanced capability, we are redefining the war at sea for the Navy“.

Last August, an indiscretion emerged that the US Army is about to produce the most powerful laser cannon in history. The advantages of this approach are many and go beyond the economic aspect. Technologies of this type do not involve the use of bullets, which also has an important impact on the weight of vehicles. In addition, they are also able to shoot continuously, battery permitting.

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