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After yesterday’s announcement, we return to talk about the expected Bastard Black Friday by Unieuro, which is now a few hours away. Among other things, the well-known chain has released a fun trailer featuring Adriano Pappalardo.

In the video, lasting a few seconds, Unieuro does not make too many advances regarding the offers, but merely promises “discounts for all”, as written in a post published on the official Twitter profile of the known chain. In short, everything suggests that more categories of products will be involved (maybe even video games).

When Unieuro’s Bastard Black Friday begins

Only a few hours are left before Unieuro’s Bastard Black Friday, given that on the official website of the well-known chain you can read: “A Black Friday is coming and you can’t miss it! From 9:00 am on June 26th to July 8th“In short, starting tomorrow morning there will be a way to talk about the promotions put in place by this initiative, which was announced with great pomp.

In case you are wondering, other chains are also joining the “Black Friday summer session“: just today we spoke to you on these pages of the offers put in place by Euronics, in this case relating to QLED TV and 4K OLED (but there are also other types of devices on sale).

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