Umbro has re-imagined some of their classic 90s football merchandise ahead of the Euros

There’s a thing, an undeniable thing, true to all football fans.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a supporter of Burton Albion or Manchester United. It doesn’t matter if your spare time is spent watching La Liga or the Eredivisie. It doesn’t even matter if you’d deploy a trequartista or lump it through the lines to your completely inelegant centre-forward, given the opportunity. One thing is true, no matter what. Football is better when played in good kits.

Whether it’s that jersey Nike made for Nigeria during the 1996 Olympics or the classic Adidas shirt graced by Diego Maradona during his time at Boca Juniors. Even England, as terrible as some of the football was at times, looked better in some of Umbro’s classic merch. And Umbro are bringing it back with their Spring/Summer Pro Training collection, as shown in this short film and lookbook with The Rig Out.

The video follows a young English guy travelling to the south of France to meet his girlfriend, before they have an argument and it all goes to the dogs. A classic English summertime story.

The gear can be found at retailers like Size?, and hopefully we will be able to find them in local retailers soon enough. Some of the shirts featured include Brazil’s 1994 World Cup kit and a reworking of England’s 1996 shirt.

England's 1996 shirt re-done

Roll on the Euros.