Will McGregor fight? Who knows and right now who actually cares?


We have been bombarded with information regarding Conor McGregor this week . Is he back or isn’t he? Truth of the story is nobody really knows what is going on right now.

McGregor claimed to have retired then in less than 24 hours claimed all was back to normal and he was very much so back in the game. The UFC have remained pretty tight lipped on the whole charade until now.

It would seem McGregor will be stepping in to the octagon sooner rather than later- but UFC 200 is completely off the cards for the Dubliner, according to UFC chief Dana White.

The 27-year-old Dubliner was axed from the pay-per-view event last week after refusing to head to Las Vegas for his promotional duties.

Following a few hours of madness across social media McGregor then claimed to have thrashed out a deal with White to fight in Sin City in July on Monday morning, when he informed fans that the clash with Nate Diaz was back on Tweeting

“Happy to announce that I am BACK on UFC 200! Shout out to @danawhite and @lorenzofertitta on getting this one done for the fans. #Respect.”

The UFC boss told US Gossip site TMZ later that afternoon that McGregor will definitely not be on the blockbuster card, before adding he could return sometime after.

Right now who knows how the summer will pan out for McGregor, will he fight? Who knows and right now who actually cares? Maybe both White and McGregor had this little PR stunt planned from the start.

All I know is McGregor is fast losing support right across the board with his actions during the week.