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Two young lads write a play and perform it for their school


Two 6th class students in St. Kevin’s Boys School/ Scoil Naomh Caoimhin, Kilnamanagh wrote a short play themselves to perform for their school’s 40th anniversary.

I attended the play last night in the local primary school and I was completely blown away by the performance. The performance was written by two 6th class students, Jake Bush and Sean Mulligan. There was a fantastic turn out of parents, teachers, kids and past pupils in the hall. 13502093_865857470225401_8586374125020662761_n

Mr Murray, the school principal said a few words on behalf of the school, thanking those who have worked hard during the last 40 years. He then presented a sacred medal to the first ever principal of the school. Over the last few weeks, each student in the school entered a ‘Bake-Off’ competition and he awarded two very lucky students Daniel Donnelly and Daniel Fanning with some lovely gifts.


– Bake Off Winners ! –

From the very beginning of the play the audience were fully engaged. The students opened up with a dance, choreographed by the two talented boys. The boys really knew how to put on a show by doing sketches of how their teachers act in the classroom, but of course a little more dramatic. A teacher, Ms Hennessy, is a big basketball fan and so they had her competing against the best, Michael Jordan. Mr Murray had roughly about 20 ties around his neck and he is certainly known for his colourful ties! It was hilarious and being a St Kevin’s past pupil myself, the sketches were very accurate!


-Sketch of Ms Hennessy playing in the NBA against Michael Jordan-

Although the play was funny and engaging they had a little storyline to it. Mr Murray had ordered a ‘top secret delivery’ which happened to be robot assistants. But the robots took down and transformed into the teachers and began to take over the school planning to ‘blast’ it. This storyline was well written as the audience understood what was going on and it was very creative. Turns out the students saved the school by shouting ‘think about the education’ !


-Teachers, SNAs and principal of Scoil Naomh Caoimhin-

Mr Murray was also very impressed by the students work and couldn’t praise them enough as he said:

The lads wrote the play and choreographed the dance moves themselves, they are an absolute credit to the school.

Jake also had a few words himself thanking the audience for coming and thanking all the teachers for their hard work over the last few weeks preparing them for this performance. The students have really done their school proud, they are all creative characters and can definitely put on a show! I wish them all the very best graduating today and through out their journey to secondary school. Ádh mór oraibh, go n-éirí an bóthar leat!


-The two boys who wrote the play.  Left: Sean Mulligan | Right: Jake Bush-