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Twitter’s new timeline is here, but reaction has been strangely muted


The most talked about update in social media is here – Twitter’s reorganising of your timeline to ‘best tweets’ from chronology has gone live.

In case you missed it, Twitter has shaken up the site by introducing an opt-in scheme that changes the order in which tweets appear on your timeline. Right now, it is the most recent first, but flip this new switch and users will see their timeline instead show ‘relevant’ tweets first, no matter when they were posted.


Slightly strangely given the size of this change to how Twitter works and the debate it generated, there was no fanfare for the launch, just a short blog post.

Seeing as this major reboot remains opt-in and not a blanket rollout, Twitter itself is yet to be flooded with shocked, happy or appalled users. Though a few reactions are beginning to bubble to the surface.

If you are intrigued and wanted to try it out for yourself you can do so by going through Settings either in your Twitter app or in the web browser on desktop.

On the desktop you’ll need to tick the ‘Show me the best Tweets first’ option under ‘Content’.

Twitter settings

For iOS app users, go to Settings > Accounts > Timeline personalisation and then turn on the best tweets switch.

Twitter settings

It’s expected that the feature will eventually switch to opt-out rather than the more voluntary opt-in, so learning the path through Settings might not be a bad idea.