Twitter was very happy when Kristin Armstrong beat Russian ex-doper in the women’s cycling


She pulled off an immense performance.

Kristin Armstrong has won the gold medal in the women’s time trial – and though she wasn’t British, most people were just glad she wasn’t Russian.

Olga Zabelinskaya, the Russian contestant who took the silver medal, was very controversial – she has only just returned to the sport after an 18 month ban for doping.

Twitter users were cheering on American athlete Kristin, the last to go round the track, when it became clear that she was the only person who could knock the Russian off the top spot.

When Kristin did win, the internet was a mix of ecstatic and relieved.

Seeing Olga on the podium promoted a debate as to whether ex-dopers should even be allowed to return and compete again.

Kristin, a mother of one, turns 43 tomorrow, and is still the best in the world at her sport – an inspiration to us all.

Brit Emma Pooley finished in 14th place.