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Time for lame duck Enda to exit stage left

The publication of a new opinion poll last weekend surprisingly showed a significant increase in support for Fine Gael despite the housing crisis, the health crisis, the Bus Éireann strike, the ongoing Garda controversy, the water charges debacle, NAMA controversies…
“The Behaviour and Attitudes” poll for last weeks Sunday Times gave Fine Gael a seven point lead over Fianna Fail with lame duck Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s personal rating up eight points, though he is still the least popular leader in the Dail.

Today he became Fine Gael’s longest serving Taoiseach, clocking up 2,234 days in office and surpassing the record of John A Costello.

Last month he told the Parliamentary Party he would stay on as Taoiseach to deal with the issues of the Northern Assmebly elections and Brexit, and he would address his leadership after the EU summit on Brexit on April 29.

Since his party’s failure to win last years general election his whole focus has been on holding on to power and hobbling along.

The expression “lame duck” is a hunting term that refers to a duck that’s been shot to bits but still alive and just about able to move.

Kenny is that duck, so battered he was willing to share his nest with his arch rival Fianna Fail for his own self preservation.

His old colleague Alan Shatter, speaking recently in the Sunday Independent, said Kenny was putting his own needs ahead of the good of the country. He said:

“Enda Kenny has only one strategy — continuing political survival and to remain Taoiseach and in government for as long as possible. Retention of power is the only game in town.

“Principles, values, fiscal and economic objectives, social priorities, concepts of public service, and of the public good, or the long-term political health of the Fine Gael party have long ceased to be his primary focus when determining how issues should be addressed.

“For the Taoiseach, doing what is right for the country has come to mean doing what is required to politically survive and remain Taoiseach for as long as he can string it out.”

During Kenny’s leadership of the state in the last 12 months we’ve seen:

  • Vulture funds enjoy record profits renting out apartments they got for a steal to a population who’s taxes paid for them.
  • The worst homelessness crisis the country has ever seen and his government failing to reach house building targets.
  • A health service barely fit for purpose with thousands being denied vital operations.
  • The Garda whistleblower controversy
  • The refusal to support the Water Committee decision.
The government he leads doesn’t seem to be able to deal with any of these issues and the Irish people are just supposed to accept this and mind their own business. Here, have a tribunal, it’s all going to be grand.
The country is being lead by a man who’s best talent is his ability to hold onto his job and in any decently run country Enda Kenny would’ve been out on his ass last year.
Now he is to be entrusted with leading us into the Brexit summit next week and the question must be asked; is he the right man for the job?
After everything that’s happened on his watch in the last year is he on top of his game anymore?
Fine Gale apologists tell us he is a skilled negotiator yet on the evidence of his previous dealings with Europe this would not appear to be the case.
His brown nosing, yes-man attitude towards the EU doesn’t exactly instil confidence that he will get a good result for us this time round either.
Lets hope the lame duck has one last kick left…