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Time for community to tackle the anti social behaviour threatening our local bus services


Fianna Fáil South Dublin County Councillor, Charlie O’Connor says local people must examine measures to better protect drivers and passengers that are experiencing on-going incidents of anti-social behaviour on public transport in our community. 

Cllr O’Connor, who is also a member of the Dublin Bus/Luas Community Forum, made the comments following news that Dublin Bus are forced to alter the route of the 27 bus in Tallaght due to anti-social behaviour that has been linked to the use of the new SG model of buses.

He said:

“Over recent weeks and months, a rise in dangerous anti-social behaviour in parts of Tallaght has left Dublin Bus with no other alternative but to curtail services in order to avoid any accident or injury.

“‘Scutting’ as it is seemingly known, is a new trend that encourages people to cling to the back of a bus. It is not hard to imagine the danger and probability for a serious accident to happen”.

“Regrettably, due to the nature of this public disorder, there are few ways which it can be stamped out and Dublin Bus drivers have often had to drive an older model to avoid incidents occurring on the route.

“It is a terrible shame that regular commuters and bus users are unable to enjoy the new model of bus which has been rolled out by Dublin Bus over the past number of months.”

Cllr O’Connor now wants action taken against the youngsters who are putting local bus services in jeopardy

“Dublin Bus provides an essential service to so many and a zero tolerance approach must be taken to challenge the culprits and combat incidents of public disorder on bus routes.

“As a community, if we do not send a clear message then there is a real threat to Dublin Bus operating in our area.

“Fianna Fáil has long proposed to set up a dedicated public transport police section within An Garda Síochána to patrol our buses and Luas services in an attempt to deter anti-social behaviour and crime on public transport.”

“A collaborative effort between community groups, youth services, schools and parents, supported by the Gardai, Dublin Bus and the Council would also help significantly to tackle this kind of challenging behaviour by a number of youths living in our community.

“Security on public transport is a serious issue in Dublin and the actions of few should not impact provision of vital Dublin Bus services, to our community.”