TikTok, here is the perfect strategy to avoid ban in the United States

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TikTok, here is the perfect strategy to avoid ban in the United States

The USA are closer and closer to the TikTok ban, believed to be an application used as a “surveillance and propaganda tool”. The owners of the Chinese social media, however, would have found a trick to avoid the ban: ByteDance would, in fact, be looking for buyers in the United States to make TikTok an American company.

According to what reported by ITHome, some American investors already associated with ByteDance would be discussing with the directors of the Chinese company for the acquisition of a majority stake in TikTok. The negotiation, however, would still be in the middle of the preliminary phase and ByteDance would also be considering other solutions. In any case, by doing so, yes would avoid the application ban from the US market, effectively making TikTok an independent American company.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow also said that the detachment of TikTok would be an excellent solution to the problem and would certainly allow the application to remain active in the United States. If the negotiations fail instead, then in all likelihood the app will be banned and blacklisted together with Huawei.

But the USA are not the only ones who consider the ban on Chinese applications necessary: ‚Äč‚ÄčIndia has already taken steps to remove not only TikTok but also WeChat and 59 other apps from its market, while official investigations have been launched in Australia. Anonymous also declared war on TikTok, calling the app one “tool for mass espionage”.