TikTok has been accused of violating the privacy of underage users

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TikTok has been accused of violating the privacy of underage users

In the United States, TikTok is not doing well, between Donald Trump’s will to ban the application from the country, Mike Pompeo’s latest statements and many controversies related to privacy. Organizations, institutions and associations are mobilizing against the ByteDance social network, also for problems related to minors.

According to what was communicated by CNBC, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the US Department of Justice have launched a unique investigation against TikTok because he would not have successfully implemented a February 2019 agreement in which the Chinese promised to protect the privacy of minors.

The request to initiate this investigation came mainly from the Digital Democracy Center and the Non-Commercial Childhood Movement. Such organizations have raised this question since, according to them, TikTok would not have cancelled videos and personal data of users under the age of 13. In addition, other privacy violations should be added but have not been mentioned.

There was also a blow and response between the leader of the Non-Commercial Childhood Movement, David Monahan, and a spokesperson for TikTok. Monahan has indeed stated that “In light of the conversation between us and the FTC, we are positive about the investigation launched following our statements”. However, the FTC added nothing to this comment.

The TikTok spokesperson in question, however, claimed that the company “It takes the safety of all users very seriously, and in the United States it gives users 13 years of age and older a limited user experience with greater protection for their privacy”.

These statements add to the various already known to Mike Pompeo and the US government, which however continue to remain in their positions.

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