Thousands of electricity meters to be replaced due to fears of overcharging

ESB Networks is recalling about 27,000 electricity meters over concerns a fault has caused some domestic customers to be charged incorrectly.

The utility company said the meters would be tested and money would be refunded to people who were overcharged.

An ESB spokesman said letters had been written to 27,000 customers affected by the component in the meter that has the potential to fail, and that their meters would be tested and replaced in the coming months.

He said the network is primarily concerned with a batch of 17,000 meters that it estimates 10 per cent could be faulty.

“ESB Networks would like to assure all affected customers that there is no safety risk with the failure of this component,” he said.

ESB Networks spokeswoman Bernadine Moloney said it would take months for staff to examine all the 27,000 meters, which were installed mostly in apartments between 2007 and 2008.

ESB Networks confirmed they will begin replacing the batch of 27,000 meters in January and it’s expected to take one year to complete this replacement project.