Home Entertainment This Tallaght parrot shouts “oh bollix” at his owners

This Tallaght parrot shouts “oh bollix” at his owners


Once in awhile we come across a video that entertains us endlessly. This weeks one is a good one we promise.

Everyone loves a talking parrot but what about a talking parrot from Tallaght that keeps shouting “oh bollix” at his owners.

The video which was uploaded by the DailyEdge.ie shows Charlie the African Grey Parrot who has some what of an unusual word vocabulary.

Charlie’s owner Tuska Choszowska who sent the video in to TheDailyEdge.ie told them that Charlie was adopted

“a few months ago from a guy in Tallaght and he’s slowly losing his Dub accent and doesn’t curse as much”.

She told DailyEdge.ie that while he’s not the most affectionate of pets, he is great company.

Check out the video below you wont be disappointed!