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This is not Apple Watch, but an interesting OPPO smartwatch

It seems to be already in the OPPO house: it OPPO Watch smartwatch in fact, it begins to be seen in different contexts and the arrival outside of China is getting closer.

In particular, according to what is reported by GSMArena and what published by Abhishek Yadav on Twitter, OPPO Watch has arrived in the hands of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for the classic “analysis”. As often happens in these cases, photos related to the product have leaked, which allow us to take a look at the smartwatch from multiple angles.

Taking a quick look at the device, the similarity with Apple Watch in terms of design seems to be important. Maybe we are a little too used to the Cupertino company’s smartwatch, but there is no doubt that there is something that recalls the Apple device. In any case, OPPO Watch should arrive on the European market in the second half of 2020so there will be plenty of time to draw conclusions.

For the uninitiated, OPPO Watch has already made headlines at the beginning of the year, when it was unveiled for the Chinese market. Among the various technical specifications, we find 8GB of internal memory and a 1.9-inch display. The case has two dimensions: 41mm and 46mm. There is also support for eSIM and the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram. In short, surely it could be an interesting product.

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