This dad’s accidental saucy Valentine’s Snapchat will make you die inside


Everyone sends the odd accidental Snapchat to the wrong person now and then. Usually it’s an ugly selfie or a drunken video of you screaming the words to Formation at 4am, cleared up with a quick “sorry” message as soon as you realise your thumb slipped.

But when non-technology-prolific parents get Snapchat, it’s a recipe for disaster, as one Twitter user knows only too well. Robyn, aka @trvmanblvcks, was enjoying her Valentine’s Day until her dad unveiled a rather saucy snap that was intended for his wife.

Even worse than just sending a barely-concealed snap of your junk to your daughter? Setting it as your Snapchat Story for all to see. Which is exactly what this dad did.

We give him 10/10 for seductive Valentine’s creativity, even though his choice of emojis are slightly nauseating.

Robyn’s dad’s romantic gesture got a mixed reception on Twitter.

Just in case you were feeling sorry for Robyn’s dad, here’s proof that he simply doesn’t care.