This cute robot sloth began his mission of "infiltrating" into nature

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Brian Adam
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Experts have been using robots for some time to silently observe nature. Thus, a group of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology came up with a AIS-robot, which has the same characteristics as the animal that inspires it – primarily slowness – hanging on a cable that connects two trees.

The robot can monitor time, carbon dioxide, temperature and other information. About a meter and a half long, with a 3D printed shell that protects its electrical and electronic components, the bradibot moves only when necessary (exactly like its animal counterpart). It also detects sunlight once the batteries need to be recharged.

In their research on the conservation of ecosystems and endangered plants, the robot can be one tool for a better understanding of abiotic factors that influence ecosystems and develop information for the protection of species and ecosystems. Not just conservation: the machine can also assist in precision farming, as its sensors and camera can help detect crop diseases first, measure environmental factors and monitor insect infestation.

During the duration of its (slow) mission, the bradibot will remain hanging on the cable and monitor the situation from above. It is not the first time that a robot has been used for observing nature and animals, recently a “gorilla-bot” has also been used by scientists to observe these animals. Discovering, in the first person, information that would hardly have been obtained by a human operator.

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