They develop a tool for SMEs to get out of the uncertainty generated by the covid-19

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The PXS company developed a web course with tips that will allow small and medium-sized companies to resume their work without the pandemic being an obstacle.

The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has shown a new reality in the way of living, doing business, working and even entertaining. This is an atypical situation that not only occurs in , but also as citizens of the planet.

It is no secret to anyone that COVID-19 has affected the international economy and many entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have had to close down because they did not know how to move forward. However, not everything is lost and on the contrary, there are tools specifically designed to mobilize teams and companies in the midst of uncertainty, which will allow them to get ahead in the midst of the pandemic.

In this sense, the company Performance Excellence Solutions (PXS) in conjunction with the Transformation Laboratory developed ‘Advancing in Uncertainty’ a digital course of approximately two hours that teaches how to use scientific thinking in planning and executing the business strategy of a practical way.

His main focus is based on exploiting the potential of the members of his current team and on generating innovative solutions to the challenges of the present, thus helping entrepreneurs in their process of adaptation and mobilization of resources in an era of uncertainty.

The course is taught by Engineer Fabián González and Neuroscientist Marianne Hütt-Cabezas, who have extensive experience in the market.

“There is no better time to exploit our creativity and experiment than when we are exposed to an environment that requires a transformation process,” adds Marianne Hütt, director and founder of the Transformation Laboratory.

The program consists of eight explanatory episodes that last between 10 and 20 minutes which can be enjoyed at your own pace. Each episode provides tips for ensuring business success and continuity based on the neurosciences of emotions, as well as thought patterns for empathetic leadership in driving your business strategies.

“In uncertainty, you have to give yourself permission to be creative and try options, yes, within a limited framework where we can take small steps, learn, adjust and retest until we find the new route to continue moving forward,” said the engineer. González.

Those interested in registering or learning more about this virtual course can do so through the website; at the phone 2201-5121; or, to the email of the Engineer González [email protected]


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