There’s a date for the official launch of Apple’s new iPhone SE 2

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There's a date for the official launch of Apple's new iPhone SE 2

The iPhone SE 2, which is presumably the second generation of the smartphone cheap from Cupertino, You already have a date on the calendar to get to the stores.

At least in Apple stores that will be the first to sell both physically and virtually, although the rest of retailers they will have to wait a few days before having it available.

Thus the things, in the last months, analysts have been warning that the arrival of this new device would take place in March, a time that is not strange for those of Tim Cook because already in the past they released essential products around their ranges with more tradition: from new iPads to the first generation of this iPhone SE.

Specific date with day and month official launch of Apple’s new iPhone SE 2

As we tell you, March was always seen as the time when the new Apple terminals would arrive, and now it has been known that the exact day will be 31, Tuesday. For those who know Californians and their customs, that day of the week is always the preferred day to do keynotes where new products are presented. Then they announce that on Friday of that same week, the devices are ready to book (April 3) and, seven days later (day 10), for sale entirely.

There is also another feasible alternative, which is that there is no ‘reserve Friday’ and it is the same of that week (April 3) when the iPhone SE 2 is put on sale too. All this, on the basis that Americans want to prepare a special event for those days: perhaps because we have new iPad Pro? We will see, but if the only novelty planned is that of smartphone cheap too much seems to us a keynote for a product that is still a remix of the hardware of the iPhone 11 with the shapes and design of the old iPhone 8.

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Cases of the new iPhone SE 2.

Even so, the sources of the information speak of an event that day, March 31, and not of the closure of the Apple digital stores to reopen them with the iPhone SE 2 already in the reserve period, so it is expected that we have more news. And all, to prevent the future launch of this new smartphone It is overshadowed by the events of the WWDC that usually takes place in June, and that will come to anticipate the main news that iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS and iOS 14 will have.

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