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There’s a Burger King in Finland that has a sauna

It may seem a bit weird that a Burger King in Helsinki has installed a sauna in its restaurant, but given that there’s one spa for every three people in Finland it’s actually not that strange.Visiting a sauna with family, friends and business associates is ingrained into Finnish culture and it’s a very smart move by Burger King – so smart that it actually won an award for innovation. It will no doubt be a novelty for tourists visiting to enjoy their bacon double cheeseburger meal while cloaked in a BK robe sitting in a 15-person sauna, but it’s something new for the locals too.

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The sauna was designed by Finnish celebrity designer Teuvo Loman and contains signature Burger King colours, as well as a TV.

What’s more, you don’t even need to leave the sauna to place an order. Someone will come down to take it for you.

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