There is no need to ‘touch’ this touch screen

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Brian Adam
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This state-of-the-art touchless screen has also been dubbed the 'Predictive Touch'.  (Photo: Cambridge University video screen grab)

London: Researchers at the University of Cambridge have invented a brand new type of touch screen that does not require any ‘touch’ to use, but simply brings the finger closer to the screen.

In the style of ‘predictive typing’ in mobile apps, this state-of-the-art touch screen has been dubbed ‘Predictive Touch’ because its system is equipped with artificial intelligence that automatically detects the proximity of the finger to the screen. Guess where the user (user) wants to touch and give instructions.

It is also known as “No Touch, Touch Screen” (a touch screen that does not need to be touched). Experts say such touch screens could help stem the spread of the disease in the recent outbreak of the novel corona virus.

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