There is an app that reminds you when you should change the mask

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Brian Adam
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Although we are entering the summer, in a month of July traditionally beach, or mountaineer, we must remember that we are in the midst of a global pandemic and that the virus is still present among us, so we must be very careful when we go out. And one of the elements that force us to wear yes or yes is the mask.

That object that has become an essential element of our outfit is not like a shirt that we put on in the morning and twelve hours later, when we return home, we continue with it on. For a matter of hygiene and sanitation, these objects have a maximum time of use and it is usually only a few hours.

An app to help us

This being the case, and to remind ourselves when we have to change the mask we put on this morning, The Mask Reminder app has just appeared in the official iOS and Android stores, It is still a personalized timer for the type of mask we wear. Depending on the model we have, so we will have to change them sooner or later.

As we tell you, the app is free and you have it to download from the iPhone and Android stores and it is so simple that it attracts attention: when starting it we will access a first screen that allows us to choose the type of mask we are going to use. The first one is the one called “Respirator”, and we can keep it on for about eight hours. This category includes all those with FFP2, FFP3, N95 and N100.

Mask Reminder is available on iOS and Android.

However, if we wear a simple mask, which the app qualifies as “Mask”, then the reminder to change it will come earlier, when two hours are up. Those models that are called “surgical” and that are more flimsy, usually blue in color, belong to this category and we can buy them in pharmacies in packages of ten units.

Once you have chosen the type of mask, we just start the timer and a countdown will start. If you activate the notifications (we recommend you do it) the mobile will notify you when the maximum defined time is met, for which we will have to take off the one we are wearing and put on another one. At that time, you have the “New mask” button, which will allow you to go directly to another new countdown.