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The Revenant – Review


Leonardo Di Caprio manages to pull off an epic performance even though he barely speaks throughout the entire film.

The Revenant, inspired by true events tells the story of ultimate survival. The only way I can explain this film to those unaware of what they are about to see is to compare the film to a storyline written by Bear Grylls but multiply it by 1,000 if not more for extremity.

Di Caprio takes on the role of Hugh Glass, an American who is on an expedition into the wilderness with a group of men and his son, whose mother was a Native American. His son’s presence causes a fraction between the group of men, in particular John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) who has been left scared by a tribe.

An attack by the Natives leaves many of the exploring team dead, also they have been robbed of their fur pelts which is what the trip was all about. Outnumbered and hungry the men separate in search of food –what comes next is rather disturbing, and I won’t lie I found myself closing my eyes for most of it – the famed bear attack.

Hugh is brutally mauled by a bear and is left for dead by the hunting men. Alone and almost dead he sets off on a 200 mile trip across the American outback. It’s not just the freezing conditions he must conquer along the way but also an attack by the Natives.

The Revenant is an epic story of one man’s battle for survival while defying virtually all the odds. Di Caprio puts in one of his best performances of all time as he takes us on a trail across the country to find the man who betrayed him.

This film is gruesome and delves into the toughest elements of survival, from eating raw fish and meat to a grotesque scene with a dying horse. Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu has really delivered with this deep dark survival thriller.

**** (Four Stars)