The results of the first poll on who will form next Government are in


The results of the first poll taken during the election aren’t great news for the coalition.

The latest Red C poll, announced on Today FM with Sean O’Rourke this morning, doesn’t make great reading for the government parties. Fianna Fáil get a slight boost, and there’s no change for Sinn Féin.

The survey is the first political opinion poll to be taken during the election campaign. It was conducted between last Thursday and Monday.

The breakdown:

  • Fine Gael: 30 (-1)
  • Labour: 8 (-2)
  • Fianna Fáil: 18 (+1)
  • Sinn Féin: 17 (no change)
  • Independents and others: 25 (+2)

There is still time left for parties to move up the poll with a few weeks left to the official vote.